Maryland Energy Procurement

Symbio Energy Partners is headquartered in Texas but works with clients all over the country to help them access the best possible rates on energy. Similar to realtors, our services come at no cost to energy consumers. Instead, we have agreements with suppliers in Maryland that pay us once we secure your contract. Our energy consultants are more than willing to help you save on energy costs without the hassle—we’ll take care of everything!


How to Procure Energy in Maryland

When it comes to procuring energy, working with energy consultants such as Symbio Energy Partners can take a lot of the guesswork out of the process of determining the best energy solution for your company’s needs.

In Maryland, the majority of consumers work with the local utility, which supplies their energy. A major issue with this setup is that business owners deal with a lot of unpredictability in their energy bills. Did you know that you can actually choose which supplier’s energy your utility provides you with? 6 out of 10 businesses do not know they have a choice. Of those that know, 9 out of 10 choose to get a private supplier as a way to save on costs and reduce the problems associated with the lack of choice. 

Our Houston-based energy consultants will help you choose among different suppliers in order to find the best plan for your business. The best plan for you will be competitively-priced, have the right term length, and most importantly, can meet your needs.

Our Energy Procurement Process

When you have decided to look into alternative energy supply options for your Maryland-based company, our energy consultants will assist you in the following process:

Step 1

Obtaining Information

In order to best meet your needs, our energy consultants need to understand your historical energy usage. We will start with you signing a letter of authorization to allow them to contact utilities and suppliers. Alternatively, a copy of your recent energy bill can be provided to start the process. 

Step 2

Searching For Potential Suppliers

Once we have determined your energy history, we will look to a few companies that may potentially match your needs. We will come up with a list of different options and their different rates so you can choose which one you prefer. We work with the following energy suppliers in Maryland:

  • BG&E

Step 3

Choosing an Energy Supplier

The next step is for you to decide which energy supplier is the best for your company’s unique needs and energy saving goals. This step concludes with a contract signing.

Step 4

Leave the Rest to Symbio

Once your contract is signed, leave the rest to us. We will sign you up with your new supplier based on the terms in your contract. This will take 2-3 business days. Afterward, we’ll make sure that your power is provided without any issues. If at any point throughout your term you have any concerns, our energy consultants will assist you in handling them. We can even pre-plan contract renewal or set-up if you switch suppliers and/or sell your company.

Entrust Symbio With Your Energy Procurement Needs

As a business owner, you are more concerned about the growth of your company than whether or not you have the best energy supplier. Our energy consultants are here to do that for you hassle-free. Symbio Energy Partners will help you save on energy costs to maximize your profits. If you are based in Maryland and would like to switch energy suppliers, please contact us; we would love to work with you.

We are actively obtaining licenses in more states, so even if we may not operate in your particular state just yet, please feel free to reach out to us anyway. We can refer you to our partners and affiliates to assist in your energy procurement needs.

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